carolyn li-madeo

"As an interaction designer on the UX team, Carolyn provides great design solutions, is able to suggest simple straightforward clean solutions to difficult design problems. She's a gifted interaction designer and UX specialist, and has the whole package necessary to be a leader in the field of UX."

Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit, Head of User Experience at NYU's Bobst Library

I’ve always been passionate about
supporting and advocating for curious minds.

After college I worked under master bookbinder Daniel Kelm as a part of the three-person production team who constructed six different editions of Tauba Auerbauch’s artists books for the permanent collection at MoMA.

Fabricating in tight, 14 second rotations for 8 hours a day I learned how rewarding it is to contribute to building something wonderful and new.

My desire to help people achieve their goals and learn more about the world
is why I enrolled in the library information science program at Pratt Institute.

While working in university libraries and archives I realized that so much of what libraries have to offer to their patrons is hidden behind a necessary veil of organization, however this organization tended to lead to an obstructive curtain of abstraction.

I started exploring new ways to ‘un-code’ physical and digital library collections by creating visual and textual entrance points for users that were built around existing mental models.

In 2014, I joined the team at Prismatic because I wanted to contribute to a user-centered product dedicated to creating empathetic tools for self-education.

As an interaction designer at Prismatic, my daily work was woven throughout the product design process: beginning with planning, performing and synthesizing user research, on to designing interfaces for iOS, Android and web, and finally pairing closely with engineers to ship new features.

Working at Prismatic helped me better understand the intimate ways we interact with digital text and how personal reading, discovery and knowledge sharing can be. There is so much information in the world and helping to connect readers to texts can be a difficult and rewarding challenge.

For the past year I've had the pleasure of being the Internet Archive's sole designer, where my work is fueled by our mission to provide universal access to all knowledge.

Working cross-functionally throughout the organization I've worked on designing new software, interfaces and tools for accessing and adding to the Archive's immense collection of human knowledge.

The Archive's vibrant community of collectors, contributors, history buffs, the casually curious, educators, librarians and hackers are the inspiration and driving force behind my research and designs. I am always seeking new ways to engage our community and create interfaces that make their work on the Archive easier and more enjoyable.

My love for getting to the roots of problems extends into my weekends. I spend as much of my free time as I can tinkering and learning about how things work.


Horse skull wood carving

wooden boat

Wooden Skin on frame kayak

tea towel

Natural dyeing with cochineal

paper flowers

Botanically correct flower wreath

Made in Berkeley, CA